Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our History [Her Side]

**Happy Independence Day!  I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing American community here in Germany, and will be spending all day on base to see the carnival and watch fireworks.  [And eating tons of bad food, karate chopping inconsiderate children, and evil-eyeing the foam swords they always seem to sell and I get punched in the face with...]  I'll also be showing my appreciation to our wonderful military and their support and sacrifice for our freedom.  I'll be sure to share my adventures/photos on Saturday!

p.s.  Thank you so much for your service, Hubby and hubby friends!**

Our two year wedding anniversary is almost here.  Two years married, four years together [kind of] and a ton of wonderful and slightly not so wonderful memories together.  I still can't believe how fast time is flying by.

We met in September of 2008.  I had just arrived at Travis AFB, California, for my new assignment in the AF.  Thankfully, I already had a friend stationed there, and he had already gathered a group of hilarious, drunken, slightly ridiculous group of people around him.  Timmy was one of them.

I remember the day I met Tim like it was yesterday; on my way to base from the San Francisco airport, my friend asked if we could stop at a bar to see some pals.  "Sure. Why not?"  I ended up being a DD, which is not the worst thing I can think of having to do when you move somewhere new.  I drove my friend's car onto base and pulled into the dormitory parking lot; his friends were waiting, and assuming it was him, bombarded the car.  Much to my later amusement, Tim was part of the intoxicated revelry that greeted me.  After a not so polite greeting on my part [seriously, they were pretty smashed, and I didn't know a soul.  Why would you come running up acting a fool when I don't know you?!], I sped off to park.  I found out later that Tim called "dibs."  I found out later that he was willing to wait as long as he needed to date me.

I took my time getting to that point.  For a few months, I considered him my closest friend there.  Finally, I woke up and realized what was happening.  We started dating right before Christmas that year.
New Year's, 2009
Unfortunately, he deployed soon after.  As a new couple, this is probably the most trying thing to happen to a relationship.  We didn't make it through the deployment, all of which is my fault.  He came home in August, and we did try to be friends.  That didn't work, so we tried to not be friends.  That didn't work, either.  October 2009, we started dating again.
Deployment, 2009
I deployed in November.  What a way to start over, right?!  I was terrified it would end up the same way.  I was nervous this deployment would be just as miserable as the last.  I think we were both on our best behavior.  We made it through.

I came home in June of 2010.  We moved in together.  We laughed.  We fought.  He proposed.  I said yes.
Turns out, he had this entire event planned; a trip to Napa, a weekend getaway, a gorgeous proposal.  Tim is just as impatient as I am, so those plans never happened.  Instead, it was an impromptu event in our pajamas in the hallway.  I couldn't imagine it any other way; it was perfect.  [The plans would've fallen through anyway since I talked him into getting me a puppy, Ninja, before the planned trip.]
July, 2010
July 4, 2010, I separated from the military [talk about freedom].  We started a road trip to Minnesota and Washington so we could meet respective families.  I had planned on waiting a year or so to get married so we could save up, have a small ceremony, and then have a huge reception.  Every time I mentioned waiting, he would get this look on his face.  Eventually, the conversation went something like this.

"You don't look happy about waiting.  When do you want to get married?"
"I'll see what I can do."

It didn't happen 'tomorrow.'  It happened a few days later at the earliest appointment I could get at a city hall.  We eloped, had two close friends as witnesses, and ate out at BJ's for dinner to celebrate.  There was no honeymoon.  It was wonderful.
July 20, 2010
We've come a long way since that day.  We've fought, we've made up, we've made plans, scratched those and made new ones.  We've moved countries, figured out finances, tried to start a family, reconsidered starting family, traveled, been separated by too much distance, dreamed, dared, worried.  Best part is, we've done it all together.
Christmas, 2010
I miss my husband more than one could think possible.  Six months is too long to be apart, and I am ticking off days one by one until he comes home.  We won't be together to celebrate our anniversary this year, but that's okay.  It's just a day.  As long as we can celebrate with each other the rest of our lives, that more than makes up for it.

Miss you, Lovee.
1 Year Anniversary
Wedding Reception, 2011
Wedding Reception, 2011


  1. This was so awesome to read!!! I really need to meet you and the husband one of these days. You're the most adorable couple ever.

    Also, I think your family is the most hilarious family in the world. Just from that one pic. So epic, lol.

    Happy Independence Day from the States!

  2. I love your story! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

    And seriously, that Christmas photo...killing me! LOVE!

  3. What a cute story even if you did have your bumps (we all do). Happy almost anniversary. : )

    And that Christmas picture, I DIE!!!!

  4. I love, love, love this post! Your story is fantastic! :)

    The photos are just beautiful, I hope you have them displayed in your home...they are wonderful.

    Happy Independence Day! Don't get sick on carnival food or hurt too many kids... ;)

    1. So, I usually reply to comments via email. I just realized, after however many replies I've sent to you, that you don't have an email address set up to reply to which makes me feel like a horrible person because it looks as though I've never responded. I promise that I had wonderfully nice things to say to every single comment you've ever left! Thanks for your support on the blog, it means so much to me :)

  5. I love your story!!! I think I've said it to you before but eloping sounds like the best way to go! When we were in Vegas (already married) i wanted to get married in one of those chapels. Wish we had done it!! Happy 4th!! Thanks to you & the hubs fot serving!!

  6. Found you through Mrs Monologue's Blog Star and I'm so glad I did! This is a wonderful happy story and I especially like that you didn't leave out the occasional hiccup! It sucks to be away from each other, but you are right you can make up for it when he's back - hoping that comes quickly for you!

  7. You guys are presh, and this is such a good story! Six months IS too long to be separated, and nine is even worse. Haha. Will joked about me going into the Air force, and I did NOT want to give up my freedom. I'm also jealous that you are in Germany! That is so fabulous.

  8. I love your story! It is perfect.

    Love, Mom


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