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Hi!  I'm English!

I am a Minnesota housewife married to my Air Force husband.  We met and wed in Northern California, and have since moved ourselves and my two Boxer pups to Kaiserslautern, Germany.  Being a military wife definitely has its perks; who wouldn't want to live in Europe for a few years?!

This blog is mostly for me.  I need a creative outlet, to surround myself with supportive and honest people who appreciate my point of view; you don't find people like that in everyday life.  It is also a showcase for my interests; photography, travel, and everyday activities.  You probably won't find many DIY projects or recipes on this site.  They're not what make up my daily life, and I am not one to conform to those expectations.  I mostly hide behind my camera and capture the world from a [very] short angle.

If you're just finding me, here are a few of my favorite posts that might help you get to know me better:
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Another introduction I typed up.  Why do I introduce myself so much?
whole page dedicated to pictures of us, the dogs, and other stuff.

Weekly trends:
Let's Talk
Bookish Sundays
Friday's Letters


With many freckles,

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