Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday's Letters

Be Freckled Photography
Dear Friday. Hello, dearest.  Dear November.  What what?!  You came around a tad quickly.  I'm not sad, just a little surprised at how fast September and October passed.  Dear December.  I'm more excited for you to arrive…family flies in for the holidays, Christmas Markets begin, a little snow fall to please the pups…I could do with some December in my life.  Dear work.  Have I by any chance mentioned that I have a new job?  No?  Well, I do!  I start Monday as a full time kinder aid.  I'm pretty excited to have a regular schedule, work with cute little kids, and earn some income.  Hooray for me!  Dear camera.  We've been pretty busy, hanging out on a regular basis to freeze some memories for clients.  I love you so.  Dear clients.  You all make me so happy!  Not only with coming to me, but always supporting me and encouraging me to move forward.  Thanks for everything!  Dear husband.  Now that the kidney stone that's been plaguing you since Budapest is out of your system, let's plan on not going through that ever again.  Dear school.  I'm so close to being done with you!  After this semester, I'm not going back.  It's a huge decision, but I'm so so so happy with it.  Goodbye forever, WSU.  Dear peeps.  I've missed you!  I'm back in the game, and ready to hear what's been going on in your lives as well as share a little more about what's going on in mine :)  P.s.  Anyone know of a great website designer than can help me set up a photography business page?  After much thinking and debating, the business thing is happening.  Would love some help putting my design ideas into action!


  1. I know what you mean about November arriving insanely quickly! I can't believe this year is nearly over either! :O

  2. did you get any web designer? my fiance is in school for web design.


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