Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday.  Woohoo!  To some, it's the start of the weekend.  To me, it's the middle of a grand four days off of work.  Yay!  Dear cold.  You, my dear, suck.  Dear Germany.  We haven't had tons of great weather lately, but it cleared up for one day last week and gave me a chance to capture your gorgeous countryside [above].  I love you when you're not rainy.  Dear Husband.  We haven't quite figured out this new schedule of ours (FYI, your mid-week days off are awful), but we have to soon so that we can start getting out of the house again.  Dear November.  Almost over, already?!  Time has flown!  Dear December.  You can still hurry up and arrive, though.  I'm ready for my family to visit, Christmas Markets to start, and snow to play in.  Dear U.S. of A.  We're doing the countdown…two years til we live on your chaotic, spread out, dirty streets again.  I'm not so stoked to leave behind my beloved Europe, but I could do with some easy shopping, amazing food, and movie theaters in English.  Dear everyone.  Hope you're having an amazing week, have an amazing weekend, and are just good to go in general!

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