Monday, October 28, 2013

Summer is Ending

Well, it already ended.  But in my recaps, we're just now hitting the end of August...after a full three months of hosting, travel, and husbands returning, I topped it all off with a quick trip to France for one of the world's largest balloon festivals.  I had no idea what to expect, but next year I'll be more prepared.

Since then, it's mostly been back to the grind.  I've dealt with another semester of school (and am so fed up with it, that I'm officially done with school forever).  We both started working again, and I even managed to find a full time job at another school, and will be starting next week.  We've been walking dogs, and preparing for family to visit for Christmas, organized our travel plans for next year, and building up camera supplies.  I even took an amazing trip to Croatia with some girlfriends which I'll share next time, along with some of the more amazing sessions I've had the privileged of handling this fall :)  Almost there!  Soon I'll be able to start up with some Bookish Sundays, Friday's Letters, and dive into why getting pregnant has become such a sore subject (again).

Oh, and don't forget to remind me to write about kidney stones.  That's a good one.


  1. Wow! Those photos are amazing! I love the last one of people just standing around holding their cameras and staring. :)

  2. Man, beautiful photos!! Can't wait for more Friday's letters and Bookish Sundays!



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