Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday.  The days leading up to you have been sleeping in, catching up, reading books, long walk kind of days.  This week was very much needed.  Dear school.  I told myself I would get ahead in classes by doing homework over the WSU spring break, but ya...that didn't happen.  Dear pups.  I have so enjoyed hanging out with you all day every day.  Don't get too used to it, though.  Next week, I'm back on the calendar to substitute teach.  Dear new clothes.  My little shopping spree was very well worth it.  I feel super fashionable in the sheer, gauzy, lace tops I bought, and they'll be perfect for all seasons here.  And the cigarette pants!  To die for.  Dear weather.  You warmed up enough to let me walk the dogs in just a sweatshirt last week, but all of a sudden you dumped another five inches of snow!  Now the sidewalks are frozen over, I can't get the car out of the driveway, and I'm generally miserable every time I step outside.  May we please have Spring now?!  Dear Europe.  There are days where being in the States seems like all I want...but then I find round trip tickets for €18 to Pisa...and then I find concert tickets for The Killers and Paramore for cheap when they stop in Luxembourg...and then I remember that I'm heading to Amsterdam in just a couple weeks...and THEN I remember that I'm trying to plan on a quick jaunt to Spain for my birthday.  So, right now I love you.  Dear camera.  I've missed you very much.  I need to schedule some time for us to spend together, and round up some clients to photograph.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Dear self.  Change is good, but you may be taking it a little new piercing is quite all right, but drastic hair changes, tattoos, and multiple piercings?  You should possibly maybe rethink your plans.  No?  Okay, then, go for it.  Dear peeps.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Dear husband.  I still miss you like crazy, and it's still not easy, but March seems to be speeding by a little more quickly than February did.  Thank you for letting me keep myself occupied so the end of this deployment comes that much faster.  I love and miss you mucho!  [and if you participate in Mustache March Madness, I will kung fu you.]


  1. Sounds like you're a busy girl over there, I wish I could travel around Europe on whim.

  2. I loved living in Germany because of the opportunities to travel. I really need to get back and visit my dad before the military has him leave.

    Enjoy every minute of it!

  3. I love these letters, especially the Europe one. I am ridiculously jealous!

  4. Take all those trips so we can all be jealous and see the lovely pics you will take and read about them on your blog! OK, thank you. :-)


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