Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday.  Oh, thank goodness you're here.  Dear Saturday.  I'm looking forward to you even more...  Dear Husband.  We just hit the one month mark.  Could time drag on any slower?!  I miss you so much, and need you to come home soon.  Sweet talk the AF into that, ya?  Great, thanks.  Dear work.  I absolutely adore the job I've been covering the past couple months [para educator], and can't believe it's already down to the final week.  I'm going to miss these kids so much!  Thankfully I'll still be substitute teaching, so chances are I'll see them often.  Just not in the same situation.  Keep your fingers crossed that I'll be able to pick it up as a full time gig next school  year!  Dear family.  I keep debating, but I don't think coming home this year is going to happen.  I miss you all tons, but tickets are just way too expensive :/  Dear Ninja & Sass.  I'm glad I have you to keep me company.  Life would be boring without our daily walk and nightly snuggles.  Dear Amsterdam.  One month to go!  Excited to visit your pretty sites.  Dear summer.  I need to fill you up so I don't pine away, missing my Asian flavor.  Ideas on things to do solo in Europe?  Dear readers.  I've been MIA.  For a very long time.  And I would promise to be back for good, but we all know how that turns out...but know that I do have some posts planned for next week before I take another hiatus from the blogosphere.  Dear blog.  Every time I see you, I love the way you look more than the last.  Dear Washington State University.  I hate you, and your dumb classes, too.  Dear attitude.  Not sure what's going on lately, but you've been making yourself known recently.  What happened to the quiet, reserved girl that existed in the teen years?  Tone it down a bit, you're pissing people off.  Dear pregnant women.  STOP BEING PREGNANT.  Sincerely, my insulted and dysfunctional uterus.  Dear attitude.  Seriously?  Dear social life.  You're close to non-existant, but with the ending of this long-term subbing position and a lightened school load, you'll pick up soon.  Dear peeps.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I'm praying for some warmer weather, but regardless of how it looks outside, I'll be making the most of this European adventure.  Ta!


  1. It seems just about everyone is pregnant right now. What's in the water?

  2. If I had the money I would be flying my hiney to Germany to explore with my dreams.


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