Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wedding Receptions

I haven't written in forever because honestly, my life is filled with repetitive days of cleaning, cooking, and drool covered dog toys.  And stress.  Since deciding last fall to hold a belated wedding reception for our family and friends this summer, I have been thinking non-stop about where to have it, how to throw it, what should I serve, etc. etc. etc.  To be honest, I actually blocked all of it out for the entire month of February because it was starting to get overwhelming, and I still hadn't had any breakthroughs.  Then...I looked on  Lo and behold, everything is falling into place and I am now happy about the reception instead of dreading it!  I've made up my mind that although it will still be a laid back and low-key affair, that doesn't mean I can't go all out!  This is my reception, MY day since we didn't have a wedding!  Even though not everything is set in stone, here is a glimpse at what to expect this summer:

Gorgeous summer weather, sunflowers and white doilies

Wedding cake, fresh fruit, delicious munchies

Sweets, pic-nics, wonderful music

Ice-tea, sweet tea, lemonade

Photo booths, games, bubbles

Wedding vows, toasts, family & friends

Just some ideas.  Simple but I'm in love with the few decorations and ideas I have picked out so far, and I hope my family and friends do, too.  I am SOOOO excited that we have such amazing family and friends, and am thankful that every single one of them has offered their help, love, and support.  Timmy and I cannot WAIT until this summer, finally being able to celebrate our marriage with everyone we love.  The park that we have reserved for the occasion will be the perfect set up for this cook out, with plenty of room for volleyball, corn hole, badminton, and everything else that we will set up for an evening of celebration!  

*All pictures used can be found on  I do not claim the creativity in these shots.*

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