Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I know I am writing way more than I need to, and I'm completely positive that not everyone cares what I have to say.  But I am bored and online and like sharing my thoughts...this might stem from the fact that I tend to talk a lot.  Without Timmy home, I talk to dogs.  When that starts to make me feel as though I'm crazy, I write blogs.  Today, I feel crazy.

First, more ideas for the reception.  Although I'm honestly about to just call it a party since the only wedding-ish thing there will be a mini wedding cake for Tim and I.  But that's beside the point.

I found these on another blog and fell in love.  I wanted to do something similar, but couldn't figure out how to make the flower portion (remember, I have no craft talent).  I'm going to do it just a tad different to make it fit my vision, but isn't it adorable?!

I've also decided to make doilies for the trays.  They will never be as dainty as this one, but I will use it as inspiration.  Since I'm on a tight budget, a lot of my vision will have to be DIY.  Fine with me, I have friends to help :).

Second, I would like to say how completely computer illiterate I am.  Anytime I want to do something, I have to ask Timmy for help, and he doesn't even know that much.  It is definitely frustrating when I want something to happen and the computer shuts off, or I get lost in a maze of folders.  With this Mac, it took me two months to figure out how to save a drafted document.  *Sigh.*  What is html?  How do you find a calculator on the computer?  I need to take a class or something, this is getting ridiculous.  On the plus side, I am finally getting somewhere on that baby blanket...

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  1. you are hilarious. The calculator is under the accessories tab. I think i may be able to figure out how to make the napkin rings. I also think that you could take a class through community ed.

    I love you,


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