Thursday, January 17, 2013

Köln, Deutschland

Right before Christmas, immediately after moving in, and waaaaay before I had come even close to getting our new house in order, I decided that Hubby & I needed some me time.  So, we took ourselves in my tiny European car, and made the two hour trip to Cologne, Germany.  After staying overnight in the best room ever, wandering around numerous Christmas markets, and generally enjoying the time I got to spend with the love of my life, I decided that Cologne is probably my most favorite city ever.  Apologies in advance if you've seen some of these, and for the fact that they're out of order...

 Hohenzollern Bridge, Köln.  Also known as the Love Locks Bridge, on which the locks can be seen covering the entire length of the railing.

 One of 11 Christmas Markets in the city.


  1. One time, when I was in Köln there was some sort of city-wide festival going on. Anyway. It was cold. Really cold. There was snow everywhere. And I saw a drunk guy wearing assless chaps. It wasn't pretty. But it was very memorable.

  2. Gorgeous pics English, I love that locks one!


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