Thursday, October 11, 2012

This is what happens...

...when you ask your husband to take a picture.  I simply wanted a new headshot-ish picture for a project [to be revealed soon!], and an outfit photo since I actually looked decent for once.  Now, I understand that my husband isn't used to handling a camera...that's my job.  But we both felt so awkward, then goofy, then awkward, then tired.  Having your picture taken is no fun, unless you happen to have an awesome hubby on the other side to make you laugh.  Here are some outtakes [none of which are edited.  oh well].

We did manage to get the photos I was looking for, in case you were wondering.  They'll be shown off at a later date, though.  How does your SO live up to the task when you ask him to do something for your blog?


  1. The only thing I ask mine to do is WAIT! to take a bite so I can take a pic of his food. Otherwise, I don't think he'd be very helpful. He thinks being in the computer all the time is weird. :P

  2. these are good pictures regardless! my boyfriend made a graphic for me and it was great. but sometimes hes a little too perfectionist haha and it takes forever.

  3. Phil is actually typing up a guest post for my blog RIGHT NOW! I'm insanely proud of him, thankful that he wants to share this with me, and excited to read his post!

    I sometimes ask Phil to take photos for me but I feel SO EMBARRASSED! I realize it's silly for me to be embarrassed. He's my husband. My best friend. But that's exactly WHY I feel embarrassed. I don't want him to think I'm silly! haha

    He's offered to take photos, but I just need to work up to courage to take him up on his offer. He's pretty good with a camera too.



  4. Love the last photo especially! My husband is not so good with the camera so I rarely ask for him to take one (though I should just to give him practice!). Last weekend he took a few at the pumpkin patch of me and Little Bug that are, shall we say, less than spectacular ;) haha. Oh well, he excels in other areas, just not photography!

  5. The hubs gets irritated when I tell him to not eat something before I take a picture of it, he thinks I'm ridiculous :) lol

  6. LOL I think those photos are kind of cute, especially the last one! :P They could have been a whole lot worse! :P


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