Friday, March 23, 2012

Thrifts, Gifts, & Souvenirs

My mom flew in last Friday and left this morning, bringing with her a few gifts for me, a chance to take a trip to Venice, Italy, and a love of thrift shopping.  Since I love gifts, I love traveling, and I love thrifting, I have decided; I am my mother's daughter.  Venice pictures will be posted later, but I couldn't wait to share my thrifting/gifting/souveniring experience.

I've been looking for thrift stores in the Kaiserslautern area since I got here, but didn't find one until recently.  As soon as I walked in, I saw this and fell in love.  Who doesn't want a cool typewriter?!

I also have a thing for owls.  Mom spotted this on the wall, so I brought it home, too.

Speaking of owls, Mom brought these fingerless gloves with her.  Made by some friends and accompanied by a cute clip I wear in my hair...I'm in love.

Mom also brought me this, a Christmas ornament.  Not sure where she picked it up, but it's cute!

So, to continue the trend, I bought an owl ring while in Venice, Italy.

My collection grows larger and larger!

Another souvenir from Venice is the wooden cat on the right.  I love animal carvings, and bought it to accompany my elephant, dog, and slightly eaten owl.  The Christmas ornament just wanted to be in all the pictures, so I let him.

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  1. love these little creatures! let me know when you have time & perhaps we can grab some coffe o' lay!


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