Friday, March 9, 2012

I know...

...I've been MIA.  But since we still don't have internet in the house [supposedly getting it on the 21st...not getting my hopes up], I find myself more and more reluctant to make the drive to use internet.  The gas, the time, the effort to look presentable to the public.  I'd rather just not be on the internet and stay in my pajamas.  Not that I don't get out; here are a few pictures from the past couple weeks since my last post, and there's plenty of outing and abouting.

**I apologize in advance for some low quality photos.  My point & shoot is much easier to break out sometimes, and I don't always feel comfortable lugging the DSLR around when trekking through the woods.**

I drink coffee on the patio
I break out spring colors
I make sandwiches.  Tomato, mozzarella, and basil on ciabatta!  My favorite
I let my hair get shaggy
I put together packages to send to Timmy
I find abandoned farm equipment
You may ask, what about the dogs?  What do they do?  Well...

They pretty much go with me everywhere
So they're in the car a lot
But we also take a ton of walks
And we watch the clouds
And we discover nature.  This is NOT something I enjoy
Other than stuff like this, it's homework homework homework.  Oh, and getting ready for my mom to fly here in ONE WEEK.  I'm pretty excited to show her some of this [except for the nature bit...that's just gross].

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