Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hospital Waiting Rooms

One of my dearest friends and next door neighbor, Shanna, is constantly plagued with my company.  Since I have no children and she has three, I typically invite myself along on her errands or outings, not only to lend a hand, but because her children provide the best entertainment ever.  Today was definitely one of those days.

I tagged along with them on their morning trip to the produce stand and pet store, and one of the stops between happened to be the hospital for a quick New Baby check up.  Shanna took Landen (three weeks) and Grayson (1.5 years) to see the doctor, while I kept company with Cole (3 years).  Cole loves to talk and wiggle about, so I had to think of a way to keep him still.  Thank goodness for my handy little camera that I never leave home without.  He kept telling me to take pictures of his "awesome faces" or pointing out other objects that I absolutely had to capture on film.

Mostly funny faces, but his very favorite book got to make an appearance.  After a while, I managed to make him angry (not a rare occurrence.  mostly i just have to talk and he gets angry at me), so I let him take the camera and take pictures of what he wanted.

 (self portrait)

There were quite a few more of the carpet, stroller, and random strangers, but they were not quite as entertaining.  Well, there you are!  This was my day hanging out with a three year old.  Quite a bit better than it could have been.

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