Friday, December 16, 2011

Rain, Rain

When we were preparing for the move to Germany, I was also preparing for the glorious amounts of snow that would greet us for the winter.  When we arrived in Germany, we were told that winter was a little late, but it would definitely be here soon.  As we approach Christmas, I can't help but wonder:

Where is the snow?

I'm a tad bit sick of all this rain we've been having, and am looking forward to either winter actually arriving, or the beginning of spring.  Either would work for me at the moment.  The dreary weather was made worse when Timmy finally reported back to work this past Tuesday.  He's on swing shift [or mid shift] which is from 1400 to 2200, but since they have to work twelve hour shifts, he goes in at 1000.  That leaves me with quite a portion of the day to fill on my own, in a country I'm still unfamiliar with, with no choice but to either return to a very uncomfortable hotel room or brave the rain and winds outdoors. 

I'm not feeling too much holiday cheer at the moment.

The fantastic news is that we will be able to move into our new home on the 21st, which is just in time for me to spend Christmas day by myself since Timmy has to work.  At least we will be in our own space [albeit, sans any furniture or electronics] with our pups and looking forward to having my dear sister, Veronica, visit for New Year's.  

While waiting for snow, our home, Veronica, and the holidays, I'm trying to lift my spirits with hot cocoa and home made Oreo balls, courtesy of our friend Tara.  Both are delicious and help brighten our very blah room.

I'm also finishing up a project that will be featured on hello dearie sometime soon.  A very easy winter DIY, perfect for cold weather or even last minute stocking stuffers.  Check back soon, I will let everyone know when it is posted!!!  And please send me some snow.

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  1. I have the Christmas blahs too but it is 70 degrees here today. Way to warm to think of the holidays. Hope you get settled soon and send pics of you and V you will have fun together. Love you, Tim and the pups Bethmom


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