Friday, July 29, 2011

El Hubbo & I

I have been so busy this past week (due to Shanna finally having New Baby Landen) that I never had the chance to put up the rest of my photos from the reception.  Before I do that, however, I would like to post a couple pictures in honor of our One Year Anniversary that just passed on the 20th.  I honestly can't believe how fast time flies...I know it's only been a year but I feel as though we've been together forever.  I remember our "wedding" like it was yesterday, and can't believe the milestones we've passed since then.  Me separating from the military, Timmy sewing on Staff Sergeant, adopting our first babies (Ninja & Sass), sweet talking our best friends into having their third child, celebrating our first Valentine's Day while on the same continent, and learning that we will be moving to Germany in the fall.  Sure, some of these don't seem like a big deal, but every single one of these moments has helped me realize that I am actually living my life with my dearest friend.  I couldn't be happier.
Here are a few from our first photo session with Tiffany Franke of Tiffany Kaye Photography.

Mine says "I Love Him," and his says "I Love Her."

The rest are some that she took at our reception.

Happy (belated) one year anniversary to us, and thanks again to Tiffany for being willing to help us capture it!!!

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